Removal From This Website

You googled your name and you found an unprofessional post on This site is shaming you publicly online and the last thing you would like is your friends, family, husband/Wife, Lover, or even employeer to go ahead and see this defamation online about you right? Well now you don’t have to with our help we can assist with helping you to remove negative or bad information that appears online from sites like

According to Beware’s website they say that the site was designed and created as “an attempt to provide an unbiased, secure, unadulterated and free platform where you can create alerts, contribute and refer to information which may help you avoid risks and damages, both emotionally and financially.”

They target different bad business practices, cheaters and adulters, criminals, and scams. As of today they have over 900 different complaints listed in these different fields and seem to be growing rapidly. Currently their site is focused on lending scams, banking, finance, trading, and cheaters. We are not positive but believe some of their content is syndicated and or copied from sites like where we can also completely remove and delete postings that have been put up on their website.

We also are able to remove negative and unwanted style postings and gripes from over 300 different websites. Inquire today to see how the Profile Defenders Reputation Management team can help assist you.

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