5 Tips To Start A Successful Podcast To Boost Your Reputation

A podcast can do a lot of good for your company. For a start, the perfect entrepreneur can use a podcast to make sure that they establish themselves as an authority. It can also form an integral part of your content marketing campaign. It can generate sales, enhance your reach, and engage customers like never before.

It’s also growing in popularity, with 17% of Americans listening to one broadcast every month. But being a great podcast host is difficult, and starting a successful podcasting brand is even harder. This guide is going to show you how you can go about creating a successful podcast to improve your reputation.

Is it Right for Your Business?

It’s true that podcasting can make you richer, but it has to be right for your business. If your audience consists of children, it may not be the best option for you. Make sure you test the waters to ensure that there’s even a market for this type of content.

Do this by monitoring your online reputation and asking customers what they want to see from you. The easiest way to find out whether something can work is to go directly to the people who will be consuming that content.

Do You Have the Time?

It makes little sense to run a podcast if you’re unable to spare the time to do it. A lot of people fail to realize how much time it can take to actually get a podcast up and running.  The best business podcasts will tell you that it takes hours of broadcasting, editing, and marketing to make it work.

This is why there are so many podcasts that work, only to then fall by the wayside and fail as they run out of momentum. There’s a lot of work to put in and the chances are you will have to have someone dedicated to this.

Make sure that you aren’t taking away from your core business activities by starting a podcast.

What is the Right Format?

Most podcasts will have two people just talking to each other. This is all well and good, but you don’t have to stick to this structure. There are no right and wrong formats. You have to figure out what works best for your brand.

You also don’t have to stick to the same format all the way through your podcast. Feel free to split it into different segments. Your broadcast may be better off by having a completely different format from your competitors.

The goal is to find the structure that works best for your specific audience.

Which Unique Angle Works for You?

To attract thousands of listeners, you are going to have to find a unique angle. If you can’t find this, you’re going to be just like the thousands of other podcasts that fail. It’s just like starting a business. You have to choose something that makes you stand out.

It doesn’t necessarily have to involve anything completely new. You could be talking about exactly the same topics as someone else. The trick is to present that topic in a completely different way. You just have to have one element that makes you stick out.

For example, it could be the host. There are many podcasts where people are tuning in more for the host than anyone else. It may be the humor they have or just the sound of their voice. Figure out what makes you unique and go with that.

Are You Running it Like a Business?

One look at the most successful podcasts in the world today should show you that it’s just like running a business. You are operating on the same principles of giving your target audience what they want, finding something new, and executing it in a way that’s going to keep people coming back for more.

You must run your podcasting arm like a company. And just like a company you need to be checking out its online reputation. Go out of your way to find reviews of your podcast and act on the feedback you’re getting. That’s what will allow you to stop your reputation from being smeared.


Think about how your podcasting efforts fit in with the rest of your brand. Consider how each episode is going to convert someone into a lead. Ultimately, there’s no point running a new venture as part of your business unless you’re going to make money from it.

So how are you going to build up a successful reputation through podcasting today?


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