3 Ways To Use Video Marketing To Protect A Positive Online Reputation

Businesses are proud of their reputations for quality and service, as they should be. But with Yelp, Amazon, and word of mouth marketing influencing what people buy you may feel as if your online reputation is out of your hands.

One of the myths about online reputation management is that you are no longer in control of it and there’s nothing you can do. This is incorrect because the most recognizable brands are spending a lot of time and resources on making sure that the good always outweighs the few haters.

If your online reputation is in the gutter, there’s no faster way to solve that problem than through video marketing. You are going to learn about some of the ways you can use video marketing to protect your positive online reputation.

Why Use Video Marketing?

Video marketing is all the rage, with it generating 1200% more than any other form of content. It’s the easiest way to reach your target audience. There’s no faster way to do it because the mobile revolution is making sure that video is the most viewed format in the world today. What you need to know about content marketing is that people are not going to read a long essay any longer. They want content fast and quick.

Videos are also ranking higher than ever before, and it all goes back to Google’s acquisition of YouTube many years ago. If you want to reach your target audience, video marketing is the only real way to do it.

So how do you go about doing it?

Tell a Story

There’s no easier way to tell a story than with a video. The value of a story is that it encourages a level of engagement you are never going to reach through any other means. Furthermore, you are demonstrating your product in a practical light. Let the brand and reputation management experts at Profile Defenders help you tell your story to the world. We let you tell your story as you want it to be heard and seen.

It’s not uncommon for people to have trouble envisioning a product in action. They need an aid to do that, and so a video ad can demonstrate how that product should be used.

You are answering the queries of your customers before they even ask them. It’s a way to create a great reputation because you are showing how much you already understand your customers.

Customer Testimonials

You already know how powerful online reviews can be. They make promoting your services on the Internet easy. Studies say that people value online reviews far more than any piece of marketing content. Personal recommendations from real people are immensely powerful.

Use video marketing to generate online reviews. Take a previous customer and have them explain why they loved your product. You don’t have to use the actual person. Use a real review and use a voice actor or an actor in-person to read out the review.

You still have that online review but in a different form. People are more likely to see it.

Show What’s Going On at the Back

Transparency is one of the easy ways to build up your online reputation. People want to know that you are doing things morally and ethically. It’s a trait of the millennial generation, which is far more careful when it comes to the brands they choose.

Companies are building up a reputation for transparency through demonstrating what is going on within their companies. They are showing the inner workings of their businesses, and they’re even showing sneak peeks at some of their latest products.

This may be more of a promotional tactic than anything else, but it’s actually a clever way to build up an online reputation. And that’s why it works so well. It’s part of your online reputation campaign, while at the same time being engaging enough for people to actually view it.

How Do You Get Started with Video Marketing?

 The number one reason why video marketing is so popular is because it’s more accessible than ever before. There are many reasons that video has only taken off now, and many of them are technological, but previously videos were the preserve of larger companies.

Today you can make a video yourself or outsource it for an affordable price. Videos don’t have to be complicated affairs. They can be simple slideshows with a clean and clear voiceover. Getting started with video marketing in this way is a good way to experience the power of it without committing too many of your resources.

How will you use you protect your positive reputation with video marketing?


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