A dedicated reputation repair employee is a great fit for working with our profile defender experts. We can assist and handle any removals of negative and unwanted content about your brand and also have the ability to fix and repair the Google autocomplete suggestions that may suggest negatives such as "Lawsuit", "Complaints", "Scam", and other undesirable words that may not be truthful but are appearing online due to disgruntled customers or vicious competitors. An in house employee which you can find from referrals, linkedin, indeed, craigslist, monster, a college job fair, or any of the other smaller job referral sites should have criteria

People always ask us the difference between us and a do it yourself service like Brand Yourself aka brandyourself.com. If you watched the Sharks where Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Lori, and Robert discussed the idea of investing in the reputation management startup then you have a better idea of how the ORM World works. At the end of the day we are a high end solution that delivers results for clients and we have seen a very high percentage of cases of clients who thought with the concierge program with brand yourself could solve their crisis or online image but they needed to spend