Status Labs vs Profile Defenders: A Full Breakdown of Top Reputation Companies

We’ve been asked as the leader in the online reputation management industry about comparisons to non-boutique firms. Below is a breakdown on the differences between Status Labs vs. Profile Defenders.

When it comes to online reputation management, there are only a few options out there for individuals and businesses that provide quality service and results. Two leading options that are globally recognized include Profile Defenders and Status Labs. While both have excellent reputations and client reviews, there are some major differences between the two that make the decision based on the clients needs.


Pricing For Reputation Repair Services

Quality reputation management costs money. Inexpensive options are floating around the internet, but they rarely have long-lasting results worth the effort and end up with Indian workers who have translation issues delivering your work. After getting by the sticker shock some first-time researchers have in regards to reputation management, both Profile Defenders and Status Labs become practical when you learn spending thousands of dollars a month on a retainer if you’re a corporation is normal or a one time payment if you’re an individual.

The difference is, according to a recent client that Profile Defenders is extremely transparent with pricing compared to other online reputation management companies and stands out compared to Status Labs no pricing on their website. The current starting monthly rates are located under a tab on our home page, while Status Labs requires a person to reach out to a representative for a free quote. On average, the services of Status Labs run people a little higher, and their rates can differ depending on the business. This is due to the large advertising budget and overhead costs at Status compared to our business model which relies on referrals and past clients who continue to vouch for our quality of work.

Profile Defenders does not have the cheapest pricing in the world, but we do provide basic packages and customized packages sculpted to fit your exact needs. It is a great way to create a budget and figure out exactly what should be expected. There is also the luxury of having the chance to ballpark pricing figures without having to hear that initial sales pitch from a representative at any other reputation management company requiring contact for a quote to be received. In fact some of our clients like the contact less payment and enrollment solutions.



While reputation management companies are transparent with their customers to some extent, they will not reveal their exact tactics on getting results. This is standard in the industry, as trade secrets can give competitors the edge if they get out.

Profile Defenders provides in depth and detailed client reports for those wanting to stay up-to-date on results. For those who need a higher level concierge service that is also available.

That is not to say Status Labs does not also do a great job with this.  On average, their reports have the client work information, and the frequency depends on the client. People who want to be hands-on during a project will enjoy the prompt updates from Status Labs as well as Profile Defenders.


Suppression and removal of Google Autocomplete Results

The Google Autocomplete Results for Status Labs vs. Profile Defenders showcases two different stories. While Status Labs was attacked in the Wall Street Journal which prompted a lawsuit to show up for their autocomplete suggestions where Profile Defenders was attacked in the Washington Post and has since removed lawsuit or any mention from their Google Autocomplete results as you can see below:
Status Labs Lawsuit Google Suggestion & WSJ Profile Defenders vs Status Labs


Both Profile Defenders and Status Labs are amongst the best when it comes to suppression of negative Google search results in the industry. This is one of the main reasons why they have great reviews overall. Not only do they bury negative results, but they do so in a way that keeps them buried for a long time. By building a strong reputation online, companies can enjoy long-lasting results.

Suppression is about all that Status Labs can offer, but Profile Defenders has made a name for itself by offering content removal. It is something that very few reputation management companies can pull off, but Profile Defenders work hard to find ways for full deletion if a link qualifies. They require a detailed look into every new client to see how possible it is, but they understand that false information is removable online with work.

Full Deletions

Profile Defenders will still do full deletions directly with the owners of a website. We have heard that Status Labs doesn’t offer these guaranteed removals and deletion services.

Cleaning Up Negative Search Results

The reviews from past clients for both companies speak for themselves. They take on different levels of clients, ranging from doctors to huge corporations. Online reviews are solid for both, and they have earned recognition from other publications during their growth. It is hard to distinguish one company from another with overall results.

Final verdict

At the end of the day, both companies have shown that they can get results for the customers. Profile Defenders appears to be a little more inexpensive according to the Wall Street Journal report than Status Labs for the vast majority of customers, and they are both very transparent with their pricing.  We hope we made your decision on picking one of the top companies to repair your image a little bit easier.

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