If there is ever a company that needs reputation management help it's service industry based businesses. Massage Envy who we would of been glad to clean up their reputation years ago is under attack from journalists after a spate of negative press accussing their massage therapists of misconduct with their clients. Now many are afraid to go and get a massage because of this. An example of how great our reputation management services are and a perfect example of something we would do for our clients is stopping as much negative press and publicity from being published in the first place. Case and

How Kroll Investigations Tie in With Online Reputation Management Company Overview Founded in New York in 1972 by Jules B. Kroll, Kroll originally began as a small investigative consultancy on a mission of helping its clients identify and eliminate different forms of corruptions, including kickbacks and fraud, from their business operations. In 1995, Kroll expanded its service offerings to include background screening, forensic accounting, market intelligence and electronic data recovery. At the same time, it expanded its footprint into new markets outside the US, opening offices in the United Kingdom, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, France and Australia. A year later, 1996, Kroll opened offices

Protecting What You Have and Creating What You Don't Have The new breed of reputation management (and "reputation creation") agencies are popping up all over the world. These newfangled combinations of private investigators and reputation management firms are making it possible for individuals and companies to protect their reputations from all forms of attack. How Black Cube & Creative Intelligence Can Protect Your Reputation Online Is Similar To What The Profile Defenders Team Does Using highly sophisticated techniques, top-notch teams of experts, and a strong dose of creative intelligence, firms like Black Cube are like spies-for-hire, usually at a high price. When individuals and companies

Question: I went to Google.com and I found a completely false and defamatory complaint about my company and my wife on a website called Complaintwire.org. Well after reviewing their guidelines it looks like there is nothing I can do and I have to deal with this negative and false complaint that is going to ruin my entire life right? Wrong. Answer: Yes, we are able to help you and completely remove and delete the Complaint Wire posting about you or your business. With over 7 years in the reputation Mangement industry the team here at Profile Defenders goes above and beyond to help