Womply is a reputation management service based out of Lehi, Utah. They track reviews and provide business insights for small to medium size businesses. They have established a partnership with North American Bancard and try to auto-enroll their clients into Womply's platform with an auto and re occuring billing method which has seen a strong backlash due to their unethical billing and marketing practices. What is Womply? According to Searchen.com Womply has a rating of 1 stars out of 5 and according to employees on Glassdoor they have are rated at 3.5 stars out of 5.0 out of 102 employee reviews. Address: 2889 Ashton

Online defamation is a dirty game. David Gingras is a known attorney in the space based out of Phoneix, Arizona. He is best known as the attorney who helps with cases for websites that are in litigation. He is seen on similar cases for sites like ShesAhomeWrecker.com and Thedirty.com. In other cases he was the defense attorney for popular gripe website RipoffReport.com and has also been known to help out with cases for TagYourSponsor.com. Whatever your issue is he is good for websites that are fighting against DMCA act requests. Gingras is respected by those who have been defamed and want help online

Cheaterreport.com or sometimes mispelled as Cheatereport.com is a website that an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend will post pictures and stories about you. If somebody is jealous and falsely posts information on there about you like is often the case then you can receive an expedited removal from us. Either way we are one of the only ways to completely delete and remove Cheater Report listings and Google search results. Contact us today for more information to see how we can help you.

Advertised in the past as Repusurance and now as EaraseInternet.com is a company ran by Indian Abhinav Sharma out of India. They claim to have a fake office in Lincoln, Nebraska in the United States but have no presence here and are unable to erase anything on the internet. They send out mailers and respond from generic email addresses like "Jacob Richard" Dono4fire@gmail.com but are unable to remove anything an we are just asking the reputation management community to be aware of these scams from companies overseas who claim for a small amount of money that they can remove webpages when in fact