Have you received an email from a company named myreputationworld.com and then you went to their website to realize that there is no website for My Reputation World. This is a common tactic done by internet marketers trying to get business by sending out blind emails and asking if you want to improve your overall reviews for your business. Another big website that is targeted is the Ripoff Report where an email is sent with a link to your ripoff report and a notice that it can be removed. The problem is whoever sets up these email blasts forgets to setup a proper email correspondence.

Reputation Company Donates to ACLU To Fight Online Hate - Please Do your Part and Help Those in need In light of the election, President Trump's recent actions in office, and all of the turmoil our country is facing right now, many companies have stepped up to the plate with monetary donations to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). At the same time, the ACLU has been working to defend and protect several different groups that have been targeted by bullying and hate online. The targeted groups include Muslims, immigrants, and the LGBTQ community. With their similar goals in mind, Profile Defender recently put their

From bringing down Gawker for Hulk Hogan to fighting for First Lady Melania Trump Charles Harder is one of the most famous reputation protection attorneys in the world. Harder is based out of Beverly Hills, California with an office off of famous Rodeo Drive. If a first amendment advocate thinks they can go out and slander and defame somebody and it starts to get out of hand then the solution for celebrities often ends up in the hands of Charles Harder. He also focuses on privacy, media law, IP, business litigation, and entertainment law. He is currently licensed in Washington D.C., New York, and

In a world where we are constantly speaking our minds, social media has made keeping up with public relations more challenging than ever before. Now, people who would not normally speak up so vocally or negatively for that matter, can do so in a safe space where anonymity turns cowards into jolly green giants. In fact, often times we do not need to do anything in particular to garner negative attention. Trolls are consistently looking for new targets, discovering new ways, new people and new brands to latch on to. Public recognition often triples your chances of being in the spotlight. Reputation Protection and